Favicon stands for Favorite Icon. If you have one installed in your web server then everytime someone bookmarks your site your own icon will be displayed instead of the generic I.E. symbol.

Also, when they call your site from their favorites folder, your icon will be displayed in the address bar as well.

In fact, your icon will be displayed anywhere it is dropped, including the desktop, and the task bar, like here...

Get the Penguin !



This feature works for Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 and above, Linux Konqueror Web Browser, Mozilla and Netscape 6/7.

This icon is based on the official Linux Penguin, as seen at http://www.linux.org/info/logos.html


The only thing you have to do is to copy the icon file in the root directory of your web server.


Complete the fields below and have your 16x16 and 32x32 pixels Linux Penguin favicons mailed to you (uuencoded). Default is 16x16, or rename to favicon.ico




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